Hinda Honigman Fellows List of Members

Dr. Marie Speece, Chairman
PO Box 1
Union Grove, NC 28689
Email: mariespeece@yadtel.net

*Numbers 1 through 8 (below) are Charter Members who were inducted June 2016 at the State Convention in New Bern or July 2016 at the NFMC SE Region Brevard Weekend, hosted by NCFMC.

1. Joel Adams – Raleigh, NC*
2. Norma Alexander – Kannapolis, NC*
3. Marie Speece, – Union Grove, NC*
4. Lorraine Hale Robinson – New Bern, NC*
5. June Knox – Wilmington, NC*
6. Joseph Knox, Jr – Wilmington, NC*  +
7. Shirley H. Sarlin – Greenville, SC*   + (Daughter of Hinda Honigman)
8. Elizabeth Huss, – Raleigh, NC*
9. Julia Bircher – Cove City, NC

+ Deceased


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Membership Applications

Junior Clubs Membership:
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Senior Clubs Membership:
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Individual Membership:
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April 20, 2024
UNCG Music Building, Greensboro
Lynn Wilemon, State Chair


May 11, 2024
Western Avenue Baptist Church
Statesville, NC
Lynn Wilemon, State Chair

Capital District Royalty Auditions

April 7, 2024
Hopper Piano Company - Raleigh
Zina Astrakhan, District Chair

Southern/Piedmont District Royalty Auditions

April 13, 2024
First Methodist Church - Hickory
Postmark Deadline March 22
Chad Leatherman, District Chair

Please note: the Piedmont and
Southern Royalty are combined
into a single District now.

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