Junior Composer Awards – Rules & Application

ELIGIBILITY: Entrant must be a citizen of the United States. Entrant must also be a member in good standing of NFMC as either an Active Junior Club member or an Individual Junior Member and may enter only one composition in his/her state Junior Composers Contest. Note: National first place winners in any class may not win in that class again.
Only the most recent version of NFMC Form JR 7-2 will be accepted. Deadline for all state level contest compositions are established by each state chair and are posted on the nfmc-music.org website. Note: earlier dates than February 1 may be set and are recommended. First and second place winners are forwarded to the Regional Chairman, so as to be received by March 1st. Regional winners are selected and forwarded to the National Chairman so as to be received by April 1st for final adjudication and awarding of cash prizes.

NFMC fee:                        $5.00
NCFMC fee:                      $3.25
Gold Cup fee: (opt.)          $3.00

CONTENT AND MUSICIANSHIP will be taken into account when judged.

TYPE OF ENTRY: Compositions may be for keyboard, voice, other instruments or any combination. All compositions must be submitted first to the state chairman.

Download the complete rules list (pdf) | Download the application (pdf)

Send Application to NCFMC Junior Composer State Chairman, postmarked no later than Jan. 15

Elizabeth Huss, Chairman
1924 Old Greenfield Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27604